Systemic organisational development

After analyzing your organization in a systemic way, we search for weaknesses, activate resources, and plan changes. The result of our collaboration, will be to not only fulfill the expectations of your customers and employees, but to exceed them. We stay connected to the organization while searching for long-term solutions.

Together we look at what is relevant to the organization with a systemic diagnosis.  This is a relatively short process.  During this diagnosis problems are revealed and solved. Resources previously hidden are used to develop your organization further.

After the evaluation is complete, you have a tailor-made concept for your trainings and coachings- you are offered concrete steps which bring your organization closer to realizing their goals.



  • Unconventional
  • Creative and innovative
  • Transparent, direct, simple, and comprehensible
  • Obliging and sustainable solutions
  • Impartial and invaluable.
  • We constantly review our practices for improvement
  • Development of different organizational cultures
  • Development of vision, general principles, mission statements, objectives, values and future creativity
  • Departments, divisions, team integration and development
  • Partnership building and networking
  • Leadership with fun, passion and entrepreneurship
  • Optimize structures, standards and processes
  • Organize sustainable development in a playful way
  • Systemical constructive thinking
  • Systemical phenomenal steps
  • Systemical constallations of organizations
  • Instruments of Quality Management (EFQM) and Trigon Concepts Modell for Organizational Development
  • Innovative and not conventional thinking and behavior
  • WorkART Parcours and WorkART instruments
  • ...